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'American Ninja Warrior' Renewed With Toughest Obstacle Course To Date

Hosts Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila, along with co-host Zuri Hall, are back to call the action as the ninjas make their way through the qualifying and semifinal rounds in Los Angeles before moving to the national finals in Las Vegas.

There are a number of new additions to the seasons including a Mega Wall with ninjas also racing side-by-side and head-to-head for the first time, marking the biggest changes to the show in its history.

New obstacles in season 16 include ‘Heavy Metal’, where competitors transfer a bar across a series of cradles, ‘Reel to Reel’, where competitors hold onto a wheel as it slides down a track, ‘Danger Waters’ featuring a series of free spinning beams, ‘Duck Duck Goose’, which sees competitors lache across a series of ledges that swing and shut, to reach the finish platform, and ‘Jaw Breakers’, where competitors lache a bar across a series of traps that are angled at different positions increasing in difficulty.

Season 16 will premiere on June 3, 2024!


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